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Case Study of Find UK Property

Customer: Dr Tariq Mohammed

Company: Find UK Property

Industry: Buying and selling of own real estate

Buyer Persona: Businesses interested in Outsourcing & IT Services

Publish Date: 29/10/2023

Find UK Property’s Journey towards SupporTech Outsourcing & IT Services


Find UK Property is an established real estate business since 2008 based in Time Technology Park Blackburn Road, Simonstone, Burnley, Lancashire, United Kingdom, BB12 7TY

Dr Tariq, the head of the business approached Supportech to get some advice on their IT infrastructure and cyber security. Supportech was not only able to help with Find UK’s cyber security issues but was also able to resolve a long-term agonizing issue of their human resource in admin/first line support staff in Sales, Lettings and Maintenance departments.

The Story of Find UK Property

Find UK Property is the Leading Specialists in UK Property for Overseas Buyers, UK Expats and Buy-to-Let Investors.

Find UK Property is the trading name of International Property Specialists Ltd, a UK company. They are members of a large group of companies specializing in UK Property Sales. They operate from the 26 acre business park (Time Technology Park) where we have our head offices in Lancashire. They also have offices in Middlesbrough in the North East. The Family Group has been established at their Lancashire site for almost 30 years and we have been trading in this property business for over 15 years. The BBC have produced 5 programs on their family business. These show how we acquire, renovate and sell properties at amongst the lowest prices in the UK.

Find UK Property sell low cost houses to property buyers from the UK and all over the World. All of their properties are located in 28 towns in North East and North West England. Their clients have 100% control of their properties and most rent them directly to us after purchase. This enables them to become passive investors, yet still retain full management control.

Their website:

Find UK Property’s cyber security and Human Resource Challenge

Head of Find UK property, Dr Tariq Mohammed contacted Supportech regarding cyber security essentials particularly highlighting email security concerns. We offered a free consultancy session to analyze the gaps in their IT infrastructure. Dr Tariq insisted on beefing up his cyber security, while discussing various IT solutions, Dr Tariq mentioned that he was struggling to find productive and cost-efficient human resource for his Sales, Lettings and maintenance departments, so I highlighted Dr Tariq regarding Supportech’s outsourcing services and offered him one-month free trial of Supportech’s Outsourcing Human Resource for their lettings department. Dr Tariq agreed.

Why Find UK Property Chose SupporTech

Initially the concept of having an Outsourcing Human Resource sounded confusing to Dr Tariq but we explained that it’s similar to remote working and Supportech will provide all the IT solutions for this setup. During, one month trial of using Supportech’s human resource in Lettings department, Find UK property were able to analyze the detailed process of onboarding, learning, training, detailed documentation, Outsourcing Human Resource’s professionalism and customer service. Dr Tariq was pleased with the Integration of applications of property management and workload assessment to help collaborate and organize work between UK team and the Supportech’s Outsourcing Human Resource.

Find UK Property was so pleased with the productivity and performance of Supportech’s Outsourcing Human Resource that by the end of 3rd week they requested to have additional 6 Outsourcing Human Resources intending to deploy 2 Outsourcing Human Resources in Sales, Maintenance and Lettings respectively and enquired about the cost and contract length of the Outsourcing Human Resources.

How SupporTech Responded

At Supportech we value the feedback of our existing and potential clients, there is nothing more satisfying for us then a happy client. We provided cyber security essentials to Find UK property and We explained to Dr Tariq that the initial contract length of a Outsourcing Human Resource is minimum 6 months and thereafter the contract is renewed on a yearly basis. Each party have to give 3 months, notice if they want to terminate the contract. It was explained that the cost of each Outsourcing Human Resource was roughly half or less depending on the skill set required, as compared to UK’s human resource yearly cost and the productivity was double. 

The Results

Supportech provided cyber security essentials and IT solutions to Find UK property and was also able to resolve a long-term human resource issue for the company. Find UK property found cost effective and productive human resources in the form of Supportech’s Outsourcing Human Resources. It helped Find UK property in reducing the costs and focus on the growth of their business.

We also helped Find UK property develop and deploy a property management application. Our developers designed the app according to Find UK’s requirement.

DR. Tariq’s Statement

Find UK Property was having difficulties in recruiting and retaining good productive admin staff in several of our departments. We were facing 3 main  issues.

1.The number of staff required meant that we were well over our budget and this was significant financial cost to the business. We worked out that when everything is taken into account including the extra overheads and office space etc, each staff member was a £33,500 cost to the business – even though the salary was £25,000.

2.The level of productivity of staff was low and had not improved to the pre-covid period. Thus, we were having to recruit more staff to do the same work.

3.There were difficulties in recruitment and retaining staff. The end result was that we were spending a lot of time and money in replacing and training staff.

I never considered using remote staff, but Supportech’s offer of using one staff member FREE for a month seemed like a “no-brainer” for me – even though I initially expected it may not work. I had to give it a try.  

I was surprised by the quality of the staff offered by Supportech. They were all graduates who spoke excellent English and were almost twice as productive. After 1 months the remote staff member was more productive than staff on-site and this productivity continued to improve. The total cost at around £12,000 was almost one third of what we were paying overall – meaning we could employ 3 staff and get almost 6 times the productivity! Incredible!…

I would recommend to any small or large business that needs office-based admin resource to take up the trail. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Best Regards,


Dr. Tariq Mohammed

Senior Consultant and Director

Find UK Property

Tel +44 1282 882424

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